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HuaLu. A full range of products for brake systems.All the products at a glance

Product overview

Whether it’s brake discs, brake linings or brake drums: the expertise and innovation of HuaLu is utterly reliable – and has been for over several tens of years.

We are a system supplier for major car manufacturers – and we also have an extensive range of brake parts. When it comes to brakes, there’s only one choice: HuaLu – the strong partner for your workshop.

You benefit

Numerous prestigious awards demonstrate the excellent quality of our products. Visually, our coated brake discs and other offers are also at the forefront of current developments.

When it comes to quality issues, Hualu implements the "zero" attitude. That's why ISO has been set up in every production facility 9001 standard, certification and quality management system. The certification puts forward high requirements for customer orientation, management and other quality standards. Continuous improvement process is also an integral part of the standard.

Brake Rotor

Each one different, each one perfect


Rotor Brake

Proven, state-of-the-art technology





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